The building which houses the museum is an old cellar totally restored and dated on the late 18th Century. Ther collection showed in the museum allows visitors to understand the history, customs and culture of the area in the past. The visitor can distinguish five spaces in the museum which are divided into the following topics: the first one, an interesting collection of zinc templates made for labelling wine barrels and wine boxes. The second one shows a recreation of an underground, semi-industrial cellar expressing the first type of cellars which appeared in this town (1314). The next space recreates a popular house from the 16th Century which extended in time to the middle of the 20th Century, period in which different construction systems were developed. The fourth space makes a special mention of a typical distillery fromt he late 19th C, beginning of the 20th C. and finally the fifth space is an open space destined to hold monographic and travelling exhibitions.

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Town: Font de la Figuera
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